5 Off-beat Travel Portals in India

If you don’t just like travelling but are extremely passionate about it, then sure you must already be bored with the same old itineraries and the stereotypical travel destinations. So, for all those travel addicts, nomads and wanderers out there, we bring five online portals that bring you some off-beat options in lodging, planning and places of travel.



Founded in 2008, this California based website has grown over the years hosting more than 40 million guests, in 34,000plus cities, from over 190 countries. If you are too jaded to stay in regular hotels on your holidays, then Airbnb brings you a very refreshing option. This trusted online travel community lets people list, discover and book unique accommodations like apartments, bungalows, castles and villas to make your vacation a more memorable experience. At Airbnb you will find popular stays, Airbnb picks, create a wishlist of your favourite rooms and also check-out your friends’ wishlist. Also, while someone else has opened their doors for you in a foreign place, you can do the same through Airbnb and earn some extra bucks. Hosting your place here is very easy, free and absolutely secure.



If traveling inspires then Travspire will help you experience more such inspirations in the most hassle-free manner. Started by three passionate travel enthusiasts, Travspirecurates and offers unique travel experiences, getaways and tailor made itineraries. So, if you want to truly experience new places, try local cuisines and discover hidden gems, then Travspire is a site you will love. And all this you will be able to enjoy at extremely affordable prices. Cycling to Cardamom Hills, listening to a local narrating stories from Ramayana in Hampi, Kayaking in Kerala, watching and practicisingKalaripayattu are some of the unique experiences on offer here. So, no matter what your traveling need- adventure, culture, history, spiritual, etc., you will find something for you here.



Aptly named, Wenomads is a kind of search engine for those in love with the nomadic life of packing and traveling. Here you can search for the place you want to travel to, specify the month of travel, budget and preferred experience like adventure, camping, caravan tours etc. and get a list of options to select from. The site also has the option of blocking your seats and paying in EMIs of up to 12 months. Also, as you will be travelling with others on your experience tours, WeNomads allows you to connect with and get to know your fellow travelers before the journey starts.



This is your online substitute for the good old pocket tourist guides of the pre-internet era. The Virtual Tourist is a worldwide travel community that brings real travel advice and experiences through equally real travelers and locals. With it huge source of user-generated travel content, Virtual Tourist provides you quick and reliable information on any travel destination around the world along with suggestions on things to do, hotel and restaurant prices, facilities, availability, events, travel insurance, nightlife and transportation. The site also offers various other smaller but extremely important details like where to shop, local customs, warnings and dangers, tourist traps to beware of, what to pack for your tour, sports, outdoor and also unusual activities that you can enjoy at your travel destination. If you require more something more than all this, you can simply log in, join the forum and start asking questions to fellow travelers on the site.



Are you a loner, especially when it comes to traveling? Or do you always end up canceling your trips because there is no one to accompany you? Either ways, WeTravelSolo is one site that is going to make your travel life much easier. Very recently launched in India, this travel portal brings hand-crafted trips for solo travelers at pocket-friendly prices. Here, you can also connect to other solo travelers like and explore the world together. Currently catering to only Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore, WeTravelSolo brings you specially crafted tours based on around 19 themes along with three specialty tours. Apart from this, you can also become a tour crafter on this site, sharing your unique solo traveling experiences with others.

So, Bon Voyage!

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