5 Online Sites That Make Your Everyday Life Easier

While products are being delivered to our home since many years now, the online world is now coming together to bring a number of services at our doorstep as well. With numerous start-ups sprouting up regularly in each and every marketplace, today you simply have to name a need and there will be a URL at your disposal. The convenience and security offered and the time and energy saving aspects of the online world are the things that are making people adopt this online route so easily. For, in this fast-paced world where everyone is juggling their personal and professional lives, time is money and saving it is not just important but necessary.

So, here are some online stores that are trying to make your day-to-day life easier and more convenient by bringing some important services, right at your doorstep.



A house-help becomes one of the most important member of your family, if you are a working couple. So, naturally, finding a trust-worthy, reliable and regular house-help to keep your domestic life running smoothly is a very difficult task, especially in metro cities and towns. Finding a house-help through the age old method of asking friends, neighbours, and acquaintances is a tedious and slow process. So, BookMyBai brings you a faster way of looking for a house-maid. Currently available in Mumbai and Pune, this online site provides you with housemaids, baby-sitters, cooks and senior citizen care. It claims to providing skilled maids and after proper background verification only. Also, you can watch as many interviews of the maids available on the BookMyBai site before selecting one, and if she leaves within six months of joining, BookMyBai claims to provide a replacement immediately without asking any questions.



While a maid can easily take care of all the mundane household chores, there are number of other ordinary tasks in our day-to-day life that demand a lot of our time and attention. Picking up clothes from the laundry, grocery and kitchen supplies from your local banya, important documents to be picked up or delivered from one place to another are some of the errands that take up a lot of our time and energy. However, at Russsh.com you can book a trusted personal assistant to do all these small but important jobs for you. Russsh also offers errand services for the elderly like getting all their bank related tasks done, delivering medicines, escorts for the elderly to events like parties and marriages. You can book a task on Russsh through their website, or through an email if you are a regular client and also through Whatsapp.



Do you have a corner in your home where all the useless and expired things keep piling up for months before you finally decide it is time to get rid of them? Of course you do, and so does everyone. So, here is a kabaadiwala version 2.0 for you. Yes, one of the most innovative start-ups in recent times, BhangaarChand is an online service that comes to your doorstep to collect all the waste and unused items in your home. You can book for a pick up time and date according to your convenience through their website or customer care number and a BhangaarChand team will land up at your place at the appointed hour. Started with eco-friendly intentions, this service carefully sorts out different types of waste and sends it for recycling. However, this waste management online service is currently only available in Madhya Pradesh.



A home and its amenities are as exposed to wear and tear as the human body. Sometimes it is a tap that needs repairing, an AC that needs servicing or an electric socket that needs replacing. Finding people to get such small things done is quite irksome. So, Zimmber.com brings you all these kinds of services at the tips of your fingers. Zimmber provides you with electrical, plumbing, carpentry, repainting, laundry, AC repair and even driver-on-demand services. Apart from this it also offers full home cleaning services, pest control service and even ‘spas’ for your sofa, carpets, kitchen and washroom at very affordable prices. So, if you are in need of any of these services, you simply have to book it through the Zimmber website or call their customer care.



One of the most important aspects of life is health. So, maintaining and restoring it is very essential for a normal life. But the numerous visits to the doctors and pathology labs itself leave you exhausted, when you are already low on energy. However, Thyrocare has made taking care of your health a lot more convenient, quicker as well as economical. So, the next time you need a battery of tests to be done or a general health check-up, go online and book an appointment with Thyrocare, a team will contact you and then a representative lands up at your doorstep to collect blood, stool, urine or any other collectible samples that your doctor needs to be tested. Spread across India, Thyrocare has over thousand different kinds of tests available and also brings you amazing discounts and offers on them. So, now you don’t have to leave the comfort of your bed when you are ill.

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