5 Online Stores in India that Meet Your Specific Demands

It began with books, and today the Indian online market place has everything to offer to you, at your fingertips. Be it clothes, gadgets like mobile phones, tablets etc., electronics like TV, refrigerators, home furniture and furnishings, kitchen utilities, beauty products, cosmetics, health supplements, sport and gym equipment, name almost anything and you will find it online. Yet, some of us still have certain demands that the regular top online stores are unable to fulfill.

So, here is a look at five online stores in India that take care of your specific and unusual needs.


unnamed4If you are an art and crafts freak or have a kid who is, then Craftslane can be your paradise. With a plethora of craft paper and materials on offer, Craftslane becomes your go-to shop for all your crafting and artistic needs. Here you will get an amazing range of accessories such as decoupage paper, decorated napkins, stencils, varnishes, brushes, miniatures to meet all your crafting needs.Also, to make sure that all this reaches you in proper condition, every item is carefully sanded and packed by Craftslane. So, next time you undertake a crafty project, you don’t have to rush to a general store a hundred times. Just order it online.



Are you pleasantly plump and totally comfortable with what your weighing scale tells you? Then this site is for you. Lastinch.in is a haven for those who shop in plus sizes but hate having to buy boring basics all the time. Here you will get some of the latest prints and trending styles in sizes you require. Be it tops, tunics, kurtis, dresses, jackets, shrugs, cardigans, shrugs, shirts, jeans, leggings, jeggings, palazzo pants, long skirts, Lastinch has everything to satiate the fashionista in you, no matter what size you are. So, now update your plus size wardrobe with Lastinch.in.



If you don’t just love listening to music but also crave to create it yourself, then Bajaao.com is the place to be. Launched in 2005, Bajaao.com is India’s first and largest direct online retailer for musical instruments and pro-audio equipment. Be it guitars, keyboards, wind instruments like flutes, mouth organ etc., Indian instruments like dholaks, tablas etc. drum kits, amplifiers and all kinds of musical instruments, Bajaao.com has a wide range of options to offer to every kind of musician. It also brings you recording equipment, DJ gear and pro AV systems. Along with all this, the online music store also gives you the best deals and prices on musical instruments and superior service. So go on and indulge the musician in you.


unnamed (1)

Are you a hopeless romantic when it comes to fine arts and history? Do you simply love to hoard things that have some kind of specialvalue attached to them? If yes, then Storyltd can be your dream world. A service of Saffronart, Stroyltd.com is one of India’s largest auction houses for Indian fine-art, jewelry, collectibles and prime properties. Be it sketches, caricatures, sculptures, photographs, sports/ Hollywood memorabilia, vintage items, furniture, curios et al, you will find it all on Storyltd. Here, you can also browse for items according to various artists and also know about past and upcoming auction events in India.



Going by a very unsuspecting name, Madhuloka claims to be a“Liquor Boutique” rather than just an online liquor store. And indeed that is how you should treat it, because if getting stoned is all you have in mind then this comprehensive online liquor store with its exhaustive inventory will be totally lost on you. Madhuloka claims to have certified and trainee sommeliers (wine Steward) along with a management team which travels around the world to bring the world’s most unique and sought-after wines to its customers. Be it beer, brandy, wine, gin, vermouth, whisky, vodka, rum, tequila, agave, all kinds of rare spirits, Madhuloka has the best to offer t you. Furthermore, it has recently launched India’s first ever wine education platform called Enoteca. The only snag with this online store is that it only serves and deliver in Bangalore.

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