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From 2D to 3D, from buyers to sellers: Flipkart’s Way Forward

After being in news for raising unbelievable funds, exclusive mobile phone launches, big discounts and exchange offers, the online giant again made it to the bulletin recently, courtesy its very vocal co-founder and CEO Sachin Bansal. When Snapdeal’s co-founder and COO, Rohit Bansal reportedly stated that India doesn’t have adequate quality programmers. Sachin took to Twitter to voice his strong opinion on this. Sachin’s tweet read thus: “Don’t blame India for your failure to hire great engineers. they join for culture and challenge.”

Kudos to Mr. Bansal (of Flipkart, of course) for standing up for the talent and potential of India! But being in news is not the only thing that Flipkart is striving to do at present.

Highlighting its youthfulness, innovativeness and reliability, Flipkart recently incorporated a new brand identity with a new logo and tagline. While retaining the old colour scheme of blue and yellow, the online store has gone 3D with its new insignia, which stands out on the mobile platform, according to the company’s marketing director. The yellow shopping bag with a smile on it does look refreshing and endearing at the same time. And the tagline- ‘Ab har wish hogi poori’ only completes the picture.

flipkart logo

However, Flipkart has not stopped at getting itself a new look and positioning to keep its customers happy. If you look closer, you will find that it is making shopping a lot easier by creating small thematic stores within itself where you can get all the essentials you might need for specific occasions. For e.g. it has ‘The Travel Store’ which has sections like where you are planning to go, what is the purpose of your travel viz family time, business or love, how are you traveling- by road, rail or plane, etc. So, that you don’t need to create a check list before you go to shop, just select a section and you will be presented with all that you might need.


Similarly, there is ‘The Wedding Store’ divided in to Team Bride and Team Groom. It has sections for wedding essentials, cosmetics, footwear, kids’ clothes, gifts, personal care gadgets, even lingerie and sexual wellness products. In the ‘The Home Store’ you can shop for your home according to the season, offers and specials occasions of life.

On the other hand, the ‘Flipkart Fashion Files’ for men as well as women, doubles up as Flipkart’s very own online fashion magazine. Here, you will find celebrity interviews, style guides, news on what’s happening in the fashion world, latest trend reports, make-up and beauty care tips, a wedding look book, shopping suggestions for particular looks and even learn new fashion words.

There is also the ‘Happy Bumps’ store for expectant and new mothers. Here, women and their well-wishers can find everything from pregnancy books, music, maternity clothes and shoes, fitness essentials, breast pumps to baby care products like cribs, blankets, and even gifts for the new born baby and mother.

happy bumps

Obviously, there are also the more conventional stores like ‘The Men’s Store’, ‘The Women’s Store’ and ‘The Kids’ Corner’.

However, Flipkart is lavishing attention not only on its buyers, but also on potential sellers. Currently, it ran a 2-day campaign calling all sellers to join Flipkart on zero investment to encourage more merchants to go online with their products through Flipkart. With its ‘Flipkart Marketplace’, the online store has over-simplified the process of going online for small to medium offline businesses and selling on Flipkart. All you have to do is, list your products on Flipkart’s easy-to-use self-serve portal. Flipkart’s catalog and photo-shoot partners across India will help you with this and even with promoting the products, analyzing sales, packaging as well as delivery.

flipkart marketplace

So, keep having a happy, easy shopping and selling experience on Flipkart and keep expecting more.

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