Go Green with Amazon India this World Environment Day

Trust Amazon India to come up with the most creative and comprehensive page dedicated to any important upcoming event. Be it a national festival or a special day observed internationally, this e-commerce giant never fails to bring something special to its customers on such days, thus spreading not only material goods across the nation but also smiles.

However, this time Amazon India has gone a step ahead, and decided to spread something more important, and i.e. awareness and support for not just a national or international cause but a global issue. Yes, come 5th June is World Environment Day, for which Amazon India has already launched a dedicated ‘green’ page under which you’ll find all things eco-friendly and nature-loving.

With this single small gesture, Amazon India has achieved two big things. First, it has a won the hearts of its eco-friendly consumers and secondly, it has won more supporters for sustainable living. A deeper look at the page will tell you how it is encouraging people to become more environment conscious by showing them that being ecological can be economical, too.

The virtual tree planted on Amazon India brings you environment-friendly electronic appliances, food items, home cleaning products, beauty care products, clothes, and more at affordable prices. The ‘Green Home Clean Home’ section brings you pots and planters, all kinds of gardening tools as well as seeds for various types of fruits, flowers and veggies so that you can start contributing to the greenery of this planet right at your doorstep. Here, you will also get natural fertilizers, proper watering equipment, bird feeders, even tents, barbeque grills and outdoor dining kits to enjoy nature in its full glory.amazon1

Under the ‘Clean Energy Green Energy’ branch, you will find solar sensors, solar battery powered lamps and torches, solar chargers, solar charge controllers, solar powered insect, rodent and reptile repellent gadgets, solar power-banks et al. In a bid to produce more, most of our agriculturists have severely compromised not only the health of our food but also our lands with excessive use of chemical pesticides. However, Amazon India has made ‘Staying Green from Within’ a lot easier by bringing you all kinds of organic food products like rice, dal, other pulses, flours, turmeric, fenugreek seeds, other spices and herbs in a single place.

As the name suggests, the ‘Look Good Naturally’ section houses a collection of natural beauty care products from brands like Himalaya, Biotique and others. Here, you will get cosmetics, skin-care, hair-care, sun-care, bathing and shower products made from natural ingredients. Amazon India’s ‘Let’s Go Green’ page also offers LED lamps, bulbs and all kinds of LED efficient indoor lighting products as well as some energy efficient home appliances. In terms of entertainment, you can go green by picking up DVDs of environmentally inspirational movies and TV shows. The site has some really good collection of series from celebrity environment crusaders like the legendary David Attenborough, Morgan Freeman and others. If you love reading, then you can also choose to save trees by opting for a Kindle, an e-book reader, instead of books.


Last but not the least; Amazon India also gives you an option to go eco-friendly in fashion as well as sports. But how do you harm nature with clothes and sport shoes? Well, mass production of cotton requires a lot of land, pesticides and herbicides. Making polyester requires a lot of energy-hungry processes, water, and it is also non-bio-degradable, so is Nylon. Chemical, unnatural dyes used in clothes are also hazardous to the environment. Now you get the gist?

However, the e-commerce giant has made your job easier by putting all ecological fashion in one place, where you will get shirts, tops, blazers, kurtis, jackets, running shoes, socks, etc. made of linen, mesh or other such eco-friendly materials.

We are probably the only living beings in this galaxy to be blessed with such a fertile and nurturing planet. In fact, life itself has been possible here because of a sustaining environment. So, it becomes our duty as well as a necessity to protect it and save it from our own harmful practices. And Amazon has proved that it is not very difficult to adopt a more nature-friendly lifestyle. So, this World Environment Day, let’s start a new journey, a new way of life.

Nature has given us a lot; it’s time we try repaying it before it’s too late.


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