Online Retailers host Unusual Festivals to lure Customers

Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas and the scores of major festivals of India are no longer enough for online retailers and they are exploring the lesser known festivals to host on their websites in a bid to keep the customers engaged and buying. So, when there are no festivals to keep up the shopping enthusiasm of consumers online retailers are racking their brains and getting increasingly creative in coming up with unique events by the day.

To begin with, Snapdeal has recently come up with the most unusual, most unheard of event (at least in India) to package their goods in an entirely new wrapper to rope in customers and encourage consumerism. The website is currently hosting the Geek Week in the run up to Pi Day, which is observed on March 14 (written as 3/14 in mm/dd format) every year to commemorate the mathematical constant Pi or p or 3.14. It has dedicated a whole page to this event hosting special offers on various kinds of gadgets, some lesser-known facts about Pi and it has also announced free webinars on Big Data/ SAP ABAP on March 11, 12 and 13, 2015. As a tribute to Pi, Snapdeal is offering up to Rs 6000 off on mobile phones and tablets, up to 50% off on cases and covers, home theatres, TVs, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, graphic cards, hard disks, printers and gaming accessories, up to 45% off on laptops, up to 35% off on gaming consoles, DSLR cameras and digital cameras, and up to 70% off on gaming titles till 14 March, 2015.

It was long back in 1959 that one of children’s most favorite dolls, the Barbie was born on March 9. Yes, that is the official birthdate of Barbara Millicent Roberts i.e. Barbie, and Ebay India is celebrating it by hosting a special Happy Birthday Barbie page on its site. Here, you will find all the various kinds of Barbie dolls, their accessories, their elaborate play sets and clothes, albeit, without any special discounts.

However, Amazon India, who is also celebrating the Barbie Birthday Month, is more generous in this respect. On Amazon India, you will get flat 50% off or more on various types of Barbie dolls and up to 17% off on Featured Barbie dolls. Here, you will find a much wider selection of Barbies along with its play sets and accessories.

Even Flipkart is a part of this ‘Barbie bandwagon’ with its Barbie Birthday Celebrations page hosting a variety of Barbies with her sisters, play sets and accessories at up to 50% discount.

So, be prepared to see a greater number of online stores announcing more uncommon carnivals in the near future for even rarer events that you probably didn’t even know existed.

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