Online Stores Go Mobile

As the world is shrinking in to a global village on to our mobile phones, and as our mobile screens keep getting bigger, the world wide websites are transforming in to handy mobile applications for our convenience. So, it was just a matter of time that e-commerce websites started taking definite strides in this significant shift towards the mobile world. As a result, many major online stores are making great efforts and pulling out big carrots for the consumers in order to bait them in to downloading their respective mobile phone apps. The basic proposed features of all these apps of different online stores are more or less the same, namely, notifications on price drops, sales, order status etc, tracking orders on the go and secured payments.

However, different online stores are trying different tactics to lure consumers. Here is what some of them are doing.

Amazon India is currently running a contest from 1 April, 2015 to 30 April 2015 where in you just have to download the Amazon Shopping App and sign in to stand a chance of winning a Sony PlayStation 4. It is obviously a sweepstake contest in which few participants will be selected randomly to answer a question, which if correctly answered in given timeframe will win them the coveted prize. Speaking of the mobile app, it lets you scan a barcode of any offline product to check its price and availability online, among other features.

Flipkart had come up with a very ingenious way to draw its customers’ attention towards its mobile phone app on 1 April, 2015, when its home page had a pop up declaring that Flipkart has shut down its website. Reports suggest that Flipkart is eventually going to do just that in the future after successfully converting its site users to app users. And to do that, this e-commerce giant is also luring its customers in the old-fashioned way by offering them money. If you install the Flipkart app on your mobile phone, you will get Magzter vouchers worth Rs 400 for free.

Snapdeal, on the other hand, is asking its customers to go beyond just downloading and signing in its mobile phone app. The e-commerce site is asking its loyalists to share it with their friends, and for this effort on their customers’ part, Snapdeal is offering them a chance to earn up to Rs 500, Rs 50 Snapdeal cash and Rs 50 Freecharge cashback. Also, if you shop for Rs 1000 on the Snapdeal app you will get up to Rs 5,200 cashback on fight and hotel bookings on MakeMyTrip and Rs 500 off on first Uber cab ride. You will also get 10% cashback on Yes Bank debit card payments on minimum bill of Rs 2000, till 7 May, 2015.

With so many perks from Snapdeal, the Shopclues offer seems very measly in comparison. All you get for sharing the Shopclues app with three other friends is vouchers worth Rs 100.

Whilst, the holistic online store, eBay is also not far behind in the mobile app download race. In a slightly different approach, eBay is offering its customers a one month free subscription for, the popular music streaming service.

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